Unique Remedies from Your Grandma’s Kitchen

Ever wondered what makes food more delicious and healthy? There are many things that influence the taste, nutrients, and smell of the food. But if we talk about some basic ground spices which will prove to be the ultimate weapon in the fight of best food fight then we can come around to basically some unique remedies.

Indian Spices Some basic Indian spices help in improving not only the taste but also the smell of the food. If these spices are put in proper quantity they become the true tastemaker of the food. These spices are easily available and in restaurants, these are delivered by some famous Indian Masala Exporters in bulk.

1. Turmeric. Turmeric or Haldi in Hindi is one of the best spices which not only gives your food color and taste but also helps in curing many health-related problems like heartburn and asthma

2. Black Peppercorns. In Hindi, Kali Mirch is also a spice used in almost every food item to enhance the flavor of the edibles. The spice is well known for improving conditions of digestion problem, lower blood pressure and even used to cure a certain type of cancer and heart diseases.

3. Cardamom. Elaichi is used in every kitchen to give the food a sweet smell and enhance the taste of it. The spice is famous in helping cure sinus and even to fight back in flu when mixed in water to make a tea out of it.

4. Ginger. Basically known as Adrak is well known for its medical benefits from a long age. It is used in enhancing spice in food with a flavor and also used in drinks like tea to give it a spicy taste which helps in curing sour throat.

5. Garlic. Lassan or Garlic is also used in vegetables to improve the digestion of the consumer. It helps in preventing cold and fighting back with infections. If anyone gets a toothache just cut and rub garlic on the affected area and it will help in pain relief.

6. Cloves. In Hindi known as laung is also a spice used in daily use in vegetables. People eat cloves to improve their digestions and to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

7. Cinnamon. Commonly known as dalchini helps in acidity and digestion problems and is easily available.

8. Asafetida. Known as heeng is also known to enhance taste in the food. The spice comes quite handy in curing insect bites and headaches or migraine.

9. Fenugreek seeds: generally known as methidana. This is the most common ingredients in curries and pickles also.

10. Cumin: This act as a strong spice in most of the Indian dishes. It is kind of aromatic spice which is used in veg and non-veg both of the recipes.

Some ground spice exporters provide these spices in their best quality and thus makes them available to the common man easily. These spices not only are the ones which are famous for their quality of tastemakers in vegetables but also have a long list of medical remedies.

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