Top 6 Essential Spices You’ll Need For Successful Indian Dishes

Can we think of Indian food being cooked without adding any spice? The Indian spices are an indispensable part of our Indian dishes. The aura of the food is enhanced with the addition of these spices. You might have noticed that the food that you eat has an enriching taste; it is the magic of the generously added spices that makes the food delicious to eat. Due to such vast use of Indian spices in Indian dishes, the ground spices exporters have a very successful business because of the enormous demand. The bulk spices exporter seems to have all types of Indian spices in their collection, and they are available in different forms. Some are available in the powder form while others are obtained in the dry or roasted way. It is a common practice to use the spices in blended form as the food becomes tastier when the spices are used in the crushed form.

Let us have a glance at the six different spices that are responsible for making the Indian food tastier and more delicious.

  • The aura of beautiful Cardamom: Cardamom is a popular Indian spice, and it can be categorized further into two spices which are green cardamom and black cardamom. Preferred for its light and sweet taste, green cardamom is the most used spice, and it is used primarily in the desserts. Being far stronger than the green cardamom, black is known for its potent smell, and it is a general trend to use the seeds as it is very spicy.
  • The powerful smell of Clove: Clove is often referred to as one of the commonest spices, and the use of clove can be easily spotted in the Indian dishes. Best known for its strong fragrance, cloves can be used either as whole or in a blended form.
  • Hot Flavor of Black Pepper: You might be surprised to know that black pepper is quite a difficult spice to locate and grow simply because the growth of this spice depends heavily on the weather conditions and natural cycles. Rainfall plays a crucial role in determining the price of black pepper. You can toast the black pepper before blending it and add a tinge of it to make the dish sumptuous.
  • Use cumin to give a smoky touch to your dish: Mostly because of its strong smell, cumin is a readily distinguishable spice. You might be confused while buying cumin as it looks quite similar to some other seeds like caraway and fennel, but if you look closely, you will be able to easily make out which seeds are cumin by observing the dense brown color of these seeds. Be careful while roasting these seeds because it burns very quickly and gets bitter if adequate care is not taken.
  • Oldest Spice Coriander: Being one of the oldest spices, add a tinge of yellow color to your food by adding coriander either in-ground or complete form.
  • Use Mustard seeds for its variety of colors: Well known for its various colors such as brown, yellow and black, add them and enjoy the flavor of your food.

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