List of the 10 Essential Spices You May Need for Every Meal

Cooking is not anymore the same as it used to be when people used to grow their spices in their backyards. Now, like other things, we just go out and buy spices from shops. If we are really talking about ancient and modern cooking, do you think that we are leaving our culture behind? Well! Culture would be big a term, are we leaving our taste of Indian spices behind? The answer is quite tricky but if you buy spices from authentic whole spices exporter, they will make sure that their customers will experience the authentic taste of spices.

India has always been a treasure of spices and this is one of the greatest proud things for the nation that people from all over the world came to explore the real taste of spices. From spice’s king “black pepper” to magical spice “turmeric”, India cultivates a broad variety of spices. Indians have been using spices for thousands of years in both health and culinary purposes. In 8th century BC, Natives used to cultivate turmeric and cardamom in the gardens of Babylon. Now, every house in India has plenty of whole spices that people use to cook and for health purposes also.

If you are looking forward to knowing more about whole spicesthen we will share a list of ten essential spices you may need for every meal. Keep reading.

1. Turmeric 

Found in every kitchen and used by cooks in almost every dish, this is also known to stain everything- Turmeric. This spice is incredibly incredible as it not only adds taste and color to the food but also cures several diseases.

2. Cinnamon

One of the most used whole spices in the kitchen, it also doesn’t add taste to the food and make it mouth-watering but helps in curing several diseases also. You can use it in chilli with a very small dose and tomato sauce.

3. Garlic powder 

Known to add taste in the food plus add some best qualities of the garlic to your daily meal- garlic powder is indeed a magical spice. It blends with the food easily and is organic.

4. Ground Ginger 

It is the dried powder form of the ginger plant’s peeled root. It adds warmth, sweetness, to the beverages, teas, and so may recipes.

5. Whole nutmeg

It works both for adding savory and sweetness to the dishes. For bechamel sauce and other dishes made of cheese, nutmeg is essential whole spices. You can easily buy this spice at good quality from any whole spices exporter in India.

6. Ground cloves 

It is one of the BBfs of cinnamon and also found with nutmeg, ginger in so many baking recipes. They are famous for pork and beef dishes.

7. Bay leaves

These basically are herbs that are used as a spice in cooking. They are added to braises, stews, and hearty soups while cooking and should be removed before serving.

8. Dried oregano

Though oregano is a fragment of the mint family it has a savory flavor, warmer as compared to its family members. It adds taste to the dish without dominating any other flavor.

9. Thyme 

This spice is mild, lemony, and woodsy that adds flavor to the dish. It is certainly used to add a lemony flavor to stews and meats. Also, it can be used to add zing to the vegetable dishes as well.

10. Black Pepper 

Black pepper is also known as “king of the spices” that used to add taste to the savory dishes. It is a kind of spice that you can add to most of the dishes in a very small dose.


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