The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Dry Spices Everyone Should Know

Spices are what makes the food savory, exotic and flavorful. Most people like to store the spices on a spice rack, an organized drawer or simply a cupboard. Once we use a certain spice, we tend to leave the lid off and not put it away immediately. This makes the spices lose their aroma rather quickly. Did you know that storing your ground as well as whole spices properly can help bring out the most flavor in each spice, so you can enjoy a delicious, aromatic meal? Storing your spices in equally important as choosing the spices you put in any dish.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to storing ground and whole spices-

1. Purchase whole spices rather than ground spices- If you want to maximize the flavor of your spices in your food, then you must purchase whole spices and not ground. You can buy them from a whole spice exporter. Whole spices can last you several years if stored properly. You can grind the whole spices in a grinder and store them as per usage. While on the other hand, ground spices tend to lose their flavor, especially if stored improperly.

2.Dry and dark- The best place to store spices is in a dry, dark space. The biggest enemies of spices are light, moisture and air. If you store your spices on a spice rack on the kitchen wall, don’t store the spices in clear bottles as this would expose them to too much light. Choose steel tins for lightproof storage. Furthermore, make sure your spice rack isn’t placed above your stove or oven as the heat from them will affect the flavor.  

3. The main question- where to store the spices- It is best to store the spices- whole or ground in a dry cabinet. If you tend to buy whole spices in bulk from a whole spice exporter, you must store them in the fridge or freezer. Did you know you can store the whole spices in the fridge for almost 3 years and the ground spies can be stored for 6 months!

4. Be careful about adding spices to the dishes- We are all guilty of dumping spices into the dishes over the pots and pans, however, you must keep in mind this affects the quality of the spices over time. By exposing the spices to heat and steam coming from the stove and the pot causes condensation in the container. It is better to use a spoon or the palm of your hand away from the stove while adding them into the pot.

5. Keep a constant check on the spices- Even though you can store the spices properly maintaining the freshness and flavor, you must keep in mind that everything does expire and it is important to know when to throw out the spices. Make sure you write the purchase date of the spices on top of each packet so you can keep track of how old your spices are. 

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