Black Pepper: A King of Spices

Are you still wondering why black pepper is considered the king of spices? If so, then you have come to the right place. Just a pinch of black pepper added in any recipe works as a flavor enhancer by adding a depth of flavor.

Black pepper is often called a king of spices that offers amazing health benefits. This Indian spice has a sharp and mildly spicy taste that goes perfectly with almost all Indian dishes.

It was also used in old Ayurvedic medicine for the past several years as it is packed with all the important nutrients and valuable plant compounds. Black pepper is a powerful and nutrient-rich Indian spice, offering several health benefits that are beyond your expectations.

Here are some proven health benefits of black pepper that you need to know:

  • High in antioxidants

You need to know that free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage the cells present in your body to a great extent. Some free radicals are created naturally while exercising and digesting food.

But when your body has excessive free radicals, it starts causing serious health problems.

It is one of the popular Organic spices which is a rich plant compound known as piperine that has antioxidant properties. By including this Indian spice in your diet, you can easily avert and delay the damaging effects that are caused in your body by free radicals.

  • Rich in nutrients 

Black pepper is packed with high nutrients that help you to feel energetic as well as youthful at the same time. This is one of the whole spices which is a great source of important dietary fiber, vitamins as well as minerals that further helps in enhancing your memory and other brain functions.

  • Promotes digestive & intestinal health 

You must know that black pepper stimulates hydrochloric acid present in your stomach that further ensures better digestion and absorbs the foods that you eat.

The carminative properties of black pepper decrease the discomfort and gas that is a buildup in your intestines.

  •  Helps in quitting smoking 

The usage of black pepper oil is helping several people around the globe to quit smoking. Smelling the oil of black pepper for a few minutes helps you to fight against the craving that further gives you a chance to quit smoking habit.

  • Beneficial for your brain 

The presence of piperine in this Indian spice helps enhance your brain function to a great extent. Not only this, but it also shows effective benefits for degenerative brain conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Offers respiratory relief

In several Ayurvedic practices, pepper is added to the tonics to treat the health problems like cough and cold. It also offers relief from nasal congestion as well as sinusitis.

The expectorant property of black pepper aids in breaking up the mucus as well as phlegm depositions in your respiratory tract. To treat cold and cough, you can take the soups and stews by adding black pepper to them.

  • Great antibacterial

The antibacterial properties of this spice have made it a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments. You can easily treat different infections and foodborne diseases with the help of black pepper.

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