7 Mistakes to Avoid While Seasoning Your Food

Well, spices are something that will frighten everyone because of their varieties. It is only the mom or grandmother who is able to distinguish between them. Spices require proper care and storage to living long. You cannot complete your food without adding spices in them; even a pinch of them is enough to add extra texture in your food. As the season switches, it is tricky to figure out which food and the spices can be used because there are no rules. 

To keep food and spices fresh you need to avoid these 7 common mistakes:-

  1. Ignoring the use of salt

Salting is very distinctive because it does enough for your food. The common constituent has the ability to produce food more delicious. When you utilize salt in the correct quantity, it will give your food flavor higher alike.

  1. Right amount of salt is not in use

Whenever you’re cooking something in the water, keep the water super salty you need to add1 tablespoon of salt for every 4 measures of water. Even though that seems like a prescription for something offensive, it will ensure your food is seasoned correctly completely. Plus, full of the salt will finish by drying or will drain means; there is nothing to worry about.  

  1. You might be relying on the use of black pepper.

Black pepper is excellent for several purposes. “Behind its heat and astute bite, [it] improves our capacity to taste the food, exciting salivary glands, so we feel more fully,” It can improve the quality and taste of anything you’re cooking. Still, it won’t help in making the dish as salt does. You can use this, but you cannot count on this.  

  1. You are using only pre-ground spices.

“You’ll see more extra taste if you get whole spices and grind them before you use this. Grinding the active compounds that provide the spice its zest and aroma; Of course, here you need to invest in the grinder. But if you really want to enhance your flavor, this is a good trick you can use. 

  1. You are not paying attention to whether the spices are old or fresh

If you’ve used lots of spices and you are not able to feel their flavor, just because they are too old or you haven’t stored them properly. So remember more fresh it is, more flavors it will provide. So it’s good if you buy fresh content from the organic spices exportersor from the whole spices exporter. 

  1. Spices are not cooking well 

So always cook the spices quietly. So when you can, be certain to toast the spices before you do anything else. Use a pan to Sauté them and add a bit of oil till they turn into fragrant consistency. 

       7. You are avoiding tasting the dish

The only method to understand what a dish wants is to eat it. If you add a band of salt and spices to a platter directly at the origin, then remember it is not going to taste well at the end, so make sure you cook them first and then add.

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