7 Herbs And Spices With Surprising Health Benefits

We use ground and whole spices for our cooking to make the dishes tastier. The use of spices is ancient, especially in Indian cooking. These spices do not just make the dishes delicious but also add health benefits to our food. You can easily buy these healthy spices from a reliable
ground and whole spices exporter.

Here are some of those spices and their health benefits:

1. Coriander: One of the main spices that are being used in Indian kitchens for ages.
Coriander leaves and seeds both are equally important in Indian cooking. It can be added to soups, curries, and rice dishes. It contains Vitamin K and Potassium that is good for our bodies. Its regular intake strengthens our bones.

2. Fennel: It has a fresh and sweet flavor and it can also be eaten directly as a mouth freshener. It is very good for our digestion. You can also try it as a remedy for constipation or stomach ache. It can be added to curry and stuffings to enhance the taste.

3. Basil: Basil has many medicinal benefits and that is the reason it is being used worldwide these days. Basil leaves are enriched with Vitamins and minerals. It can be used in salad and soups to add flavor.

4. Cumin: It is the most popular ingredient in Indian dishes. Many people use it in Mexican dishes too. It contains Vitamin B and it also cures digestive problems. It gives a strong flavor to your dishes.

5. Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the ancient spices that are being used in Indian kitchens. It is known for its strong color and taste. It does not just make your dish taste better but it is also good for your health. It helps to cure inflammation. It is also good for muscle aches. Many people also use it for skin brightening and other skin benefits.

6. Ginger: Ginger roots are mainly used in soups and curry. Many Indians add it to tea also, especially in winters. It is good for people who experience motion sickness. Ginger is also good sour throat and cough. It is a good source of minerals and Vitamins.

7. Garlic: Garlic adds good taste to dishes. Most Indians use it in vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. It is good for the immune system. It is full of Vitamins and minerals. You can add it to your curry and pan-fried dishes to boost the flavor.

Indians love flavors in their food. Spices help them to make their dishes full of flavors. One must buy these spices by a trustworthy spice dealer to assure the quality. Only premium quality spices can give you the desired taste and health benefits.

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