6 Herbs and Spices That Are Helpful to Fight Against Diabetes

Diabetes is the disease that happens when the sugar and glucose level is increased in the blood due to inadequate insulin production or when body cells don’t respond to the insulin well or sometimes due to both reasons.

There are three major types of diabetes: Type1, Type2, and gestational diabetes.


This type of diabetes generally happens during pregnancy. In this period, the body becomes less sensitive to diabetes. This disease doesn’t occur in every pregnant lady and can easily resolve after giving birth to the child.


This type of disease occurs when the body fails to produce enough insulin in the body. This is also known as Juvenile diabetes.


This type of diabetes occurs when your body becomes unaffected by the insulin which the body is making. In this type of diabetes, cells of the body stop responding to the insulin.

There are so many expensive treatments are available in the world to cure this disease, those treatments can never assure you to resolve this disease permanently but there are some natural herbs and spices are there which you can easily find in Indian kitchens and they will assure you to resolve this disease permanently. You can buy these spices from a whole spices exporter if you don’t have them in your home.

Let’s check 6 Herbs and Spices That Are Helpful to Fight Against Diabetes:

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the most common Indian spices which not only makes the food tasty but it also helps to lower the blood sugar level. Cinnamon is a junction of phytonutrients that helps in lower the level of hemoglobin, decreases the inflammation, and also helps in losing the body weight. Heavy body weight is a major reason for diabetes. It helps in controlling the bad cholesterol level and maintaining the good cholesterol level in the body. For the more benefits, you can eat this in brown rice, beans, and lentils.


It is the most commonly used herb in Indian kitchens. A study reveals that basil helps in lower the sugar level in blood. You can use it in salads and soups.


It is the spice of parsley family and often used in making of almost every curry, lentils and rice. It helps in controlling the sugar level in the blood and cholesterol.


Garlic holds the most powerful anti-inflammatory forces, it helps in controlling blood sugar level and lipids also protect you from cancer, good for your heart. You can use it in the making of various curries, brown rice, and lentils.


Sage consists of antioxidants that fight with diabetes. It also helps you to fight with the Alzheimer and if you add a little honey, the combination will fight with the cold bacteria. You can it in your tea.


You can find this spice in every kitchen in India, turmeric will not only make your food taste good or add colour to the food but also helps in fighting against diabetes as it contains strong anti-inflammatory agents. It also has neuroprotective, antiaging actions in it.

So, these are some whole spices and herbs to fight against diabetes which you can easily find in Indian kitchens or you can buy them from any whole spices exporter as mentioned above.

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