5 untold facts you cannot miss about the queen of spices

Queen of spices” yes we are talking about the cardamom,” Indian Elichi”. Spices have a special place in the boxes in the kitchen. If you ever had biryani or kheer, you must be familiar with the aroma of Cardamom. It has a flavor that is a combination of sweetness, tanginess, and freshness like mint.

Cardamom has a rich aromatic flavor and the flavor harks us back to the flavor of camphor.

In south Indian curries, cardamom gives a final touch to the curries and is also an essential ingredient in many Scandinavian pastries.

even its seed and oil are thought to have amazing medicinal values. It is not only a native spice to southeast Asia, but treated the most precious spice in Europe as well a

after knowing the worthy facts and use of cardamom, we cannot ignore the importance of whole spices;

1. It’s origin

Seeds of the Cardamom are derived from the plants of the Zingiberaceae family. The group of plants, from the Indian subcontinent.

The birthplace of the spice is known as “cardamom hills” situated in the tropical forests of western ghats.

2. Cardamom pods hold the special quality -

Cardamom seeds are packed in two-colored pods, black seeds in a green pod, and Black in a black pod. It’s your wish you can use its powder, either its whole pod.

Although Pod is highly fibrous and doesn’t have any spice quality, yes it plays a Fine role in the infusions.

Green pods are also used to give flavor in the chai, rice, and curries. By adding the pod in any oil, it will mix the oil with its incense.

3. Both types of Cardamom differ in terms of quality -

There are two types of cardamom, the Pale green and the deep brown. Plae green possesses a delicate type of Aroma and another one has strong and smoky incense.

Both pods equally used in the desserts. There are two points of view about the Cardamom’ One views explains Black cardamom is not its type but, it is the close one, While other view says that there are two varieties; green and black.

if we compare the relativities of both; the characteristics of Green cardamom is well adjusted with the other spices, but black cardamom is not well adjusted with the other strong spices. Green and black cardamom shows some sort of harmony in dishes like chicken curry, rajma, and biriyani. Don’t ever compromise with the quality of spices, organic spices exporters may help you here to figure out about the best quality spices.

4. More than just being a healthy spice –

Spices are not only meant to bring taste, but they do have medicinal significance. Symptoms like, nausea, vomiting can be combated with the mixing of ginger and Cardamom.

A fresh breath is a phenomenon that can be maintained with the cardamom, perhaps apart from this it also works as a deoxidant. Cardamom also maintains diuresis and said to be a great agent for the liver cleansing.

Its seed is an excellent source of limonene, which works as a great antioxidant and prevents cancer. So remember next time when you are supposed to add a pinch of cardamom, without hesitation just do it. 

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5. Be picky while choosing between the white and green cardamom

White cardamom usually devoid of most of the aroma and flavor. So, green cardamom must be beneficial for you, pick that one.

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