5 Smart Tips for Storing Spices During Monsoon

Spices always add a different flavor to your foods and thus it’s important to know how the spices are used while cooking. So, you need to study well knowing the ways t cook the recipes in a proper way ensuring that you incorporate that amazing flavor of the spices.

5 Smart Tips to Follow

Want to know how to store spices during monsoon? Here are given 5 easy tips following which you can easily store spices during monsoon:

Keep Spices Airtight

It’s good to keep the spices in an airtight container that helps you to avoid any moisture getting inside spoiling the flavor, aroma, and color of your masala. You can use glass jars or plastic containers to store the spices or you can buy containers, which are specifically used to store spices. You can find the traditional Indian containers, which come up with a finicky look and you would love to sore the spices that even improve your kitchen’s status.

Avoid Any Light

Next, you need to make sure that you keep the spices away from light. Light can damage the flavor of your favorite masala and thus you have to keep the containers in a cool and dark place. You can store them in closed cupboards that’s the best way to stop any light coming in. Also, you can use colored containers that reduce the amount of light seeping in and thus you can store your spices safely.

Avoid Contact to Water

Any amount of water damages the entire flavor and aroma of a spice mix. Ensure that you always use a clean and dry spoon when you adding the masala to any recipe. Avoid keeping the spice jar near wash basin, as even a few drops of water can hamper the aroma and flavor that may degrade the quality of food you serve.

Avoid Storing in a Chilled Place

You may think that storing the spices in the refrigerator would keep them fresh. But it’s a wrong concept and you must avoid storing in chilled places. It traps moisture inside the containers due to which the spices lose that mesmerizing aroma. You can try out vacuum packing inside the refrigerator that can be the best idea and it also keeps your masala safe. If you have whole spices you can grind them storing in small containers inside the freezer that would keep them fresh for a longer time.

Keep the Spices Away from Heat

It’s always good to avoid storing the spices near the gas stove. You must keep your spices away from heat, as it develops humidity, which may get trapped inside the container damaging the spices. Usually, we tend to install the shelves near the stove, as it helps in using the stuff easily. However, you must avoid keeping the spice containers there and you always need to find a cool and dark place.

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