5 Nutritionist spices must be included in your child’s food

Early age is a very fragile time that can affect the health of a child. This is the time when the child needs to develop good food habits, so it is essential to keep the nutritious diet in a child. India is the land that is known for its abundance of flora and fauna. Also, it is known as the land of species; there are so many herbs and spices that are possessed with supernatural healing properties. Well unluckily, most of the treasures were taken away from the invaders a few times ago. In Indian cuisine, these spices are the crux, and yes, also add value in the flavors. The famous Indian spices are turmeric, cumin, chili, carom seeds, holy basil, asafoetida, etc. Everyday consumption of spices keeps the body healthy and young.

Aside from imparting aroma, the flavor in the food spices to have good benefits on the health of your little ones. But what to add and what to not is your choice. Here given are five important ground spices that you should mind while using.

1. Turmeric powder:  Turmeric is rich with antibiotic properties, it boosts the brainpower and also famous for its well-known properties such as;

  • Antibiotic

  • antifungal and antiviral

  • Very effective in case of cold, or other respiratory infections.

  • When mixed with milk, it works as a great healer

  • When mixed with the ginger juice and rocky candy gal, then it works as an excellent for all types of throat infections.

  • Can be used to treat the bruises

It can treat skin problems, it is also used as an effective cosmetic agent.

2. Cumin: One of the generally utilized kitchen herbs, cumin, is recognized for its healing advantages. The best method to utilize cumin is in the style of powder sprayed over yogurt or in lemonade. Cumin grains promote

  • Better Digestion,

  • Aid in Detoxification,

  • Enhance Immunity

  • Arrest Respiratory Infections.

3. chili/ Pepper: Chillies which as fresh they are a very good source of vitamin C, phytochemicals and also, they are good antioxidants. Having chili pepper in your food is very much advantageous, and it offers the following benefits such as;

The nutrients which are present in pepper can kill harmful bacteria, help to dissolve the mucous, and also boosts the immunity.

Both spices have belonged from the pungent foods category. Even not every mother is ready to offer chilli and pepper to their children, but one can start by adding a tiny amount of its.

So make sure to use the chilli in your child’s diet after he/she turned 2.

4. Asafoetida/Hing:

  • Usually employed as a digestive herb, hing, or asafoetida has various health profits in child health.

  • It is very good in the case of gas, bloating or even in the flatulence. Hing helps to relieve these symptoms.

  • A good way to use hing is by adding it in curry, subji, or other meal preparations by adding other spices too.

  • If your kid is less than 12 months, then you can use its paste with water to applying over the belly button.

  • This will relieve the gas formation.

5.Fresh Herbs: Well, these fresh herbs are the genius ones. This category includes mint, coriander, parsley, basil, tulsi, rosemary, etc. Finally, you can use these products in the diet of your child.

These are loaded with iron, folic acid, B12, and also chlorophyll. When it comes to good eyesight, strong hairs, and glowing skin, then these fresh herbs work best. You can export the fresh, and various herbs from the ground spices exporter.

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