5 Indian Spices That Are Extremely Good for Your Health

Spices and India have a long history to listen. Spices in India is as older as of human civilization. If you don’t know India has been known as of the “bowl of the spices”. Have you ever seen your elders, your grandmother using spices especially turmeric as medicine? this is not a wonder because, in ancient time when the doctors were not there, people use Spices as the medicine and to be honest these spices work much better and faster than the medicines, we are using these days.

Spices not only add the flavor and taste to the food but also helps you to be fit and fine, if you take them properly.

Even though there are so many spices in our country but here we are going to talk about the five Indian Spices which are extremely good for your health and you can find them easily anywhere in India.

Check the list here:

1. Black Cardamom.

Black Cardamom is called the Queen of Spices and it is native from the Indian forest. It has so many benefits including skin cancer-curing benefit. It works against non-melanoma skin cancer. This Spice benefits when you use its green pods after breaching it into parts. It cures many stomach problems like bloating, heartburn, gas and many more. Many people use black cardamom while making tea. It adds great taste to the tea.

2. Turmeric

This yellow-colored ground spices just not only add taste and color to the dish but also cures so many diseases. Ayurvedic medicine makes use Turmeric as a medicine since very long. It helps in treating many stomach problems like heartburn, gas, arthritis, stomach ache, loss of appetite and bloating. Turmeric is basically a member of the ginger family so it ultimately helps you in weight loss also cures the many internal and external wounds.

3. Cinnamon

This spice originates from Sri Lanka and looks like tree bark. Cinnamon is one of the ground Spices. This spice contains so many essential vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and other essential compounds like magnesium and calcium in a good amount. Cinnamon increases the action of insulin; this is why used to cure Type 2 diabetes.

4. Clove

Clove is the small flower’s bud-like spice. It has so many benefits to give you as our ancestors used it as medicine to cure the tooth pain. Clove has some antiseptic effects too and uses in making toothpaste, oils, soaps, and many antibacterial creams. It also helps in treating many stomach problems like bloating, intestinal gas, food appetite, heartburn and many more.

5. Black pepper

Black pepper is also known as the “King of spices”. It doesn’t only add taste to the food but also has so many health benefits. It helps in weight loss, improves digestion, treats many skin diseases, boosts metabolism and also relieves cough and cold.

Indian species has so much given us, isn’t it? so don’t forget to use and take advantages of them.

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