5 Guidelines for Sourcing & Storing Spices Accurately 

Are you growing up in a typical Indian family? Then you must have an idea of how your mom used to keep the spices safe in the kitchen. If you have no idea about the spices, then it’s time to think; because they are perishable ingredients. That jar of garam masala from the decades remains an essential part of the spice cupboard. Though spice has no taste, it has no color, but when mixed with food, it brings feeling and flavor in it.

If you are sick at its storage; this can leads to diminishing of its qualitative taste. Here given are the five tips for proper storage of spices, possibly so that you can prolong its life.

1. Let the air out, Keep spices airtight

Air is very harmful to your spices; try to keep them in an airtight container. Whether you are choosing, glass or metal jar, arrange with a sealed cap. You can also store them in commercial-grade plastic bags, which do not allow excess air to be entered in the preserve freshness. That’s how organic spices exporters, do to keep the spices fresh.

2. Let them sleep in the dark 

Direct sunlight is harmful to your pretty glass jar of spices. You might not be able to taste the real flavor again. Best is if you keep the pot in the dark place, still, if you are not able to manage this, then buy seasonal spices in small quantity.

3. Well, heat is not good

 The shelf above your stove is not a desired place where a jar of spices would be placed. The heat will degrade the value of its flavor, so keep it away from it. Also, it would help if you avoid exposure to the dishwasher and water sources.

4. Keep the spices moisture-free

Moisture is a significant threat for spice shelf life, here is a strong reason why it’s a big no-no for the moisture because spice lost everything when moisture hits. Keep the spoon dry, and never place your spices in the freezer. When it is a streaming pot, avoid sprinkling of the spices. Otherwise, moisture will get an entry port. If you are a whole spices exporter, it’s a big challenge, and you must take care of its storage.

5. Age is important! It would help if you were alert about it

There’s no universal agreement about the exact shelf life of spice. But it is believed that whole spices have a shelf life of one or two years. When you buy whole spices, it is recommended to grind them to enhance the taste and its freshness. If you are ordering the spices, online, then set up a calendar for restock alert is also essential.

Ultimately, to keep the freshness of your spices, you must always look for its storage. If you give them a better place, they will pay off with real taste and freshness. Little negligence in its storage will result in lousy scent, loss of their color and flavor.

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